Delivery Centre

In the Maternity hospital all the children are born in the Delivery centre, created in 2012 with support of the European structural funds and the Riga City Council.  Delivery centre includes 17 delivery rooms, which are highly technologically equipped and private for a single patient, as well as Operating theatre with 3 operating rooms for Caesarean sections (CS). Two delivery rooms are equipped with birthing baths, designed for water deliveries. It is also possible to relax in the bath during labour, followed by delivery outside the tub.

Participation of the expected father or another close relative is willingly accepted.

Labour and delivery care around-the clock is provided by the following specialists:

  • Six midwives;
  • Three gynaecologists-obstetricians,
  • One neonatologist;
  • Three nursing assistants.

On the working days, the head of the Maternity Centre (obstetrician gynaecologist) and the senior midwife are also involved in patient care.

Around-the-clock is available pain relief by epidural anaesthesia or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Pain relief is provided for medical reasons or as a paid service.

The main operations, provided in the Operating theatre of the Maternity Hospital, are Caesarean section (CS);  they can be- elective  or acute, when indications for immediate termination of pregnancy due to a threat to maternal or child’s health  appear acutely during pregnancy or birth.

There is also an intensive care for women in pregnancy or after delivery.

In the Operating theatre, the following specialists work around the clock:

  • One anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist;
  • Two anaesthesia and intensive care nurses;
  • One operation nurse;
  • One nursing assistant.

On the working days the head of the anaesthesia services (anasthesiologist-renimatologist), the chief anaesthesia intensive care nurse as well as the chief operation nurse are also involved in patient care.

With the support of the European Structural Funds, five maternity facilities were opened in January 2019. The new premises provide a cozy and comfortable environment for the pregnant women and their relatives, which helps to implement a modern, patient-centered, personalized and privacy-friendly care.