Newborn care

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After the delivery, the mother stays in the same room with her newborn as much as possible, learns how to care for and feed the baby, if necessary, calling a paediatric nurse who is available 24 hours a day.

If you have any concerns about your baby’s well-being, a neonatologist is also available 24 hours a day.

At the Mother and Baby Care Unit, each new-born certainly receives such care:

  • Daily, once a day a paediatric nurse attends the new-born skin, mucous membranes and the umbilical cord stump (or wound), weighs the new-born, interviews the mother about possible problems and answers questions;
  • Every working day or at least once every two days the neonatologist evaluates the new-born's health, the breastfeeding efficiency, gives advice;
  • An especially trained paediatric nurse performs the new-born’s hearing examination by the method of the otoacoustic emission;
  • From the 3rd day of life until the discharge moment, on prescription from a doctor the new-born is vaccinated against tuberculosis, in order to protect the baby from this severe disease.

In case of need (risk factors or clinical manifestations of a possible problem) the neonatologist prescribes clinical analyses, ultrasound or X-ray examinations, as well as treatment. The mother is kept informed about all the aspects of the baby’s health, the projected tactics of the action and the potential forecast.

If the new-born's health is good, the new-born along with the mother is discharged from the Mother and Baby Care Unit to go home. If the new-born needs a more prolonged treatment and medical supervision, then after the first week of life the baby is transported  to the Children's Clinical University Hospital for further examination or treatment.

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