Outpatient services

The staff of the Maternity Hospital provides a range of outpatient services for pregnant women, mothers and new-borns.

At the outpatient department, consultations are provided by gynaecologists- obstetricians, neonatologists, a midwife - breastfeeding specialist, an eye doctor (ophthalmologist). Advice of a nutrition specialist are also available.

In the X-ray room, X-ray examinations are provided for all organ systems to the patients of the Maternity Hospital both ambulatory on prescription from a GP and against payment.

At the Prenatal Diagnostic Center, ultrasound services are rendered to the patients by doctors-ultrasound experts. The Maternity Hospital has purchased the high-end ultrasound equipment at its own expense, specially intended for the provision of prenatal diagnostic services.

Likewise, the Outpatient Department can perform a variety of laboratory examinations, fetal heart tone and uterine activity records (cardiography) and vaccination services.

All the services are available both free of charge (publicly subsidized) and against payment, in accordance the price list of services rendered against payment and approved by the Maternity Hospital. Information about the cost of a particular service can be obtained from the following hotline: + 371 67011232.