I am pregnant! What next?

Riga Maternity Hospital (Rīgas Dzemdību nams) provides state-funded pregnancy care. You can get also maternity care and pregnancy care with the selected specialist as an individual payable service.

Pregnant women are entitled to state-funded:

  • consultations with a gynaecologist, midwife or family doctor;
  • determination of body mass index;
  • fetal heartbeat monitoring;
  • laboratory examinations;
  • fetal ultrasound;
  • other services according to the national health care program.

The first state-funded visit to your doctor or midwife has to be planned until the 12th week of pregnancy. 

The healthcare specialist will evaluate your overall health and will conduct a gynaecological examination. You will be asked series of questions regarding your medical history, your partner, social and work environment. Together you will discuss the further steps regarding your pregnancy.

  • Your partner may accompany you on the visit to your health care specialist.
  • Prepare questions you want to ask your healthcare specialist and take notes!   

Consultations and necessary examinations regarding pregnancy, midwifery and postpartum period are free of charge to

  • Citizens of European Union and European Economic Area, by providing an identity document (a passport or an ID card) and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)*
  • Ukrainian citizens, by providing personal identity documents and proof of nationality (passport or an ID card)
  • The wives of citizens or non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia who hold a temporary residence permit of Latvia, by providing personal identity documents (passport or an ID card), certificate of marriage and the temporary residence permit.
  • Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit and who are registered at The National Health Service for the receipt of state-funded healthcare services**

*European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a joint document for all European Union, European Economic Area countries and Switzerland Confederation that confirms the rights of citizens to receive state-funded emergency and necessary healthcare services to the same extent that it has secured the country's population.

**The person gains the rights to receive healthcare services under the compulsory national health insurance, starting from the day when the person is included in the database of recipients of healthcare services maintained by The National Health Service. The National Health Service includes the information in the database of recipients of healthcare services within five days of its receipt.

In case of uncertainty or additional questions, please, contact The National Health Service by calling the toll-free number 800001234.

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