Charity project “Responsible choice from the very first day of life”

02.06.2020 PDF

To celebrate 30th anniversary since starting operations in Latvia, Neste is gifting 100 special “Neste Layette Sets” to newborns in the Riga Maternity Hospital to encourage making responsible choices from the very first day of a child’s life.

The ultimate goal of Finnish company Neste is caring for the planet we will pass on to our children.

Each month starting with June 2020 the layette sets (a total of 100 sets) will be offered to children born on the 30th of month.

Each “Neste Layette Set” contains ecofriendly and sustainable items to allow new parents offer their child a conscious opportunity to live in a cleaner and more natural environment from the very first day of life.

This initiative is part of Neste’s mission to pass on a cleaner planet to our children and encourages us to make responsible and ecofriendly choices every single day.

Neste Layette Set” includes the following clothing, hygiene products and other daily necessities for an infant:

  • Newborn mittens (2 sets),
  • Newborn cap (2 items),
  • Rompers or pajamas (2 items),
  • Bodies (2 items),
  • Warmer jacket,
  • Cotton socks (2 pairs),
  • Blanket (80 cm x 80 cm),
  • Baby feeder bibs (2 items),
  • Pants (2 pairs),
  • Leggings (1 pair),
  • Eco diapers (package of 25 diapers),
  • Eco wet wipes (package of 56 wipes),
  • Bath thermometer,
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Baby nest bed,
  • Stroller reflectors.

Total: 23 essentials.

Majority of “Neste Layette Set” items are from Swedish brand’s Lindex clothing range. Lindex infant clothing range is made of sustainable materials in neutral tones. Clothing material is soft and long-lasting, because the clothing size can be adjusted as the baby grows. Clothing also has interesting imprints. Lindex children clothing collection uses natural cotton or recycled materials, and the natural cotton products are all GOTS certified.

The charity project “Responsible choice from the very first day of life” also includes a special photo board on the 3rd, 4th and 6th floors of the Riga Maternity Hospital, where each happy family can use magnets to form their child’s name and date of birth marking the miraculous moment a child has been born.

The unique project “Neste Layette Sets” is organised in accordance with the Neste’s global mission and its local social initiative “A Planet”, which seeks to increase awareness of our daily habits and act to have a wholesome life on our planet, our only planet – the A Planet, because we have no other planet. Neste is confident that each step towards greener daily habits matters and it hopes that each eco-friendly idea will inspire another. More information on social initiative “A Planet” is available on, while information on Neste sustainability initiatives in Latvia and across the world is available here:

How to apply for layette set and who can receive it?

On the 30th anniversary of its operations in Latvia, Neste will gift 100 “Neste Layette Sets” to 100 babies born in the Riga Maternity Hospital. Each month starting with June 2020, special layette sets will be gifted to newborn babies and their parents who need to be residents of Latvia. The layette sets can be received by babies, who are born on the 30th of each month.

To receive this gift, the staff at the Mother and Child Care Unit of the Riga Maternity Hospital will provide a simple application form.

By accepting this free layette set, one of the parents (the signatory) will agree to participate in the publicity activities (for example, taking a photo with received layette, provide a short comment and allow this information to be used in communication activities).

The new parents will receive the layette upon leaving the Riga Maternity Hospital.

Anyone can apply for the layette, but the contents cannot be exchanged for money.