Geneticist consultation

Consultation with a geneticist during the pregnancy is recommended if:

  • there is a family history of congenital or hereditary diseases;
  • the parents (one or both) have been diagnosed with a genetic disease, or have an abnormal karyotype;
  • two or more pregnancies have been lost and/or children have passed away at an early age;
  • the pregnancy occurred after the age of 37;
  • the child’s father is a blood relative;
  • changes have been detected in the USG and/or the first-trimester biochemical screening;
  • the karyotype of the fetus has changed;
  • adverse factors such as chemical substances, radiation, or medicaments have affected the pregnancy.

Free consultations are provided only for pregnant women (if there is a referral from a treating or family doctor who has a contractual relationship with the National Health Service). In other cases, consultations and examinations, if necessary, are a paid service.

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